Ardmore Carryout

Our Story

Ardmore Carryout was established in 1963 by George W. Sullivan Sr. The original business was called Ardmore Variety. It was open 7 days a week, selling beer, sandwiches, cigarettes and catering for weddings, parties and the local VFW. The actual location was right on Ardmore Road (as it was called in 1963).  George’s wife and their five children were the backbone of the business in those early years. Unfortunately, George Sr. died in November of 1967. 

His wife, Grace, then took over management and the business took off under her leadership. A new building (our present site) was built in 1969. In 1977, George Sullivan Jr. took over the day to day operation of the business. Over the years the business changed hands in the family, was sold to new owners and then taken back over by the Sullivan’s. Today, George III is managing the business while his son George IV awaits his turn. We look forward too many more Georges running the business in the years to come.